The first step in the login process requires you to provide your online banking username.

  • Enter the Username you selected when you registered for online banking.
  • Select Register if you have not yet registered for online banking (you don't have a username).
  • Click on Forgot Username if you need to reset/create a new username.
  • Select Log In after you enter your username.


After reading the Online Banking End User Agreement, you must agree to the terms and conditions by checking the I Agree box and click on continue. Then provide information requested and follow the Application Process.

  • Confirm Your Identity
  • Register – create a username and choose a method to receive your temporary password
  • Authenticate – enter temporary password you received
  • Confirm Contact Information 


After entering your username you will need to enter your password.  

  • The password screen displays your username.
  • Select Login as a different user to go back and provide a different username.
  • Select Forgot Password if you do not remember your password.
  • If you have not registered the device you're using to access the site, you will see the Device Security option.

Remember My Device - 2nd login

  • After you have entered your Username you will be presented with an option to receive a one-time passcode.  You can receive the code via text, email or a phone call.
  • Once the code is entered you will be prompted to enter your password, simply click on Log In.
  • Make sure to click on “Remember Me On This Device” so that the next time you log in you aren't required to enter a passcode